Gear: Automotive Art By Teej Now Available In Our Store

Automotive Art By Teej Now Available In Our Store

By Michael Banovsky
December 15, 2015

Described as self-taught, self-motivated, with an unhealthy obsession for cars and design means that TJ Grewel is our kind of enthusiast. He’s been busy recently, creating captivating art prints and engaging photographs, and we decided to stop being jealous of his Instagram feed and instead offer his work in our store so that we could all enjoy it.

To start, we’re offering two unique projects. The first, With Hearts, is a series of 8 cards inspired by the early years of the Porsche 911, most notably the heart-shaped Fuchs wheels that were common back then.

The second is fit for any wall. ArtCar depicts the famous Alexander Calder-painted BMW 3.0 CSL “Art Car” that started a revolution in race car design…only teej has remixed the iconic design on different prints, making one wonder how different history could have been.

Head over to The Shop to check out teej’s latest work.

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