News: The Ateliers Diva Targa Is A Classic-Shape 911 In Carbon Fiber From A Paris-Based Porsche Specialist

The Ateliers Diva Targa Is A Classic-Shape 911 In Carbon Fiber From A Paris-Based Porsche Specialist

By News Desk
July 29, 2019

Judging by the number of Porsche specialists out there offering to update, remake and generally redesign classic 911s, we may well be heading towards a future where these retro modded variants outnumber the originals. This one from Ateliers Diva Targa is the latest to enter the market; a hand-built carbon fiber-bodied machine styled to resemble the early narrow body 911s.

While at first glance the Diva Targa may look just like a pristine example of an early 911. It has been designed to offer the highest levels of performance while being as reliable as a contemporary Porsche. The company behind the car is Paris-based Crubilé Sport, which has been restoring and repairing classic cars for decades.

The idea to build the Ateliers Diva came about after the co-founders had competed the Le Mans Classic race and wanted to build a car that offered the thrill of their Porsche race cars but with the effortless visual elegance of a classic 2.4S. So in 2018, Ateliers Diva was born and, as Jeremy Garamond, partner at Ateliers Diva explains, “The original idea was to build a Porsche that connects those fearsome racers with the regular cars we use in everyday life.”

The base for each car is either a two- or four-wheel drive 964, which is taken back to the bare bodyshell, before a classic carbon-fiber narrow body panels are then fitted and a race-derived 400hp 4.2-liter flat-six is installed. A custom exhaust, specialist suspension and unique 17-inch Fuchs wheels add a thoroughly modern yet classically elegant look. The finished car weighs in at just 2425 pounds (1,100kg).

The interior too is a completely bespoke design and elegantly combines ultra-modern conveniences like an audio system by French audio specialists Foca with classic styling touches. Customers can even request the input of award-winning interior designer Tristan Auer to assist with their design choices.

The Ateliers Diva Targa will be making its debut at Salon Privé this September and just 25 will be built alongside 25 Coupés and 25 Safari models. Pricing has yet to be announced but with each taking 12 months to complete, you can be sure that these exclusive hand-crafted masterpieces will set you back a fair bit more than the 964 donor car.


Images courtesy of Ateliers Diva

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