Featured: The Best Way To Experience The Spa Six Hours May Be The Pit Lane

The Best Way To Experience The Spa Six Hours May Be The Pit Lane

By Maarten Slaets
September 27, 2016

Only a couple of weeks after the Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps hosts a top-of-the-range historic meeting, namely the Spa Six Hours. Highlighting the weekend is the renowned endurance race, hence the name, which features more than one hundred cars.

But it is not all about this one prestigious endurance race.

In fact, more than 650 historic racing machines race at this track during the weekend, and they are all spread throughout the pit and paddock area for you to see. Because of the unique atmosphere of this event, enthusiasts can walk wherever they want. This means you can wander for hours through the paddocks, and discover every single car stationed here. If you’re feeling lucky, you can even sneak in one of the pit boxes and drool over, say, a Ford GT40 being taken apart just before the race begins.

During my travels, it was really cool to see the mechanics working really hard with cutting edge technology from yesteryears. After all, it takes a unique amount of expertise just to make sure these machines are race-worthy.

Because that’s what we’re all here for: racing.

Special thanks to Maarten Slaets for sharing his account of the recent Spa Six Hours. You can follow his travels on Instagram @maarten_s_photo.

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Frédéric Gilson
Frédéric Gilson
7 years ago

Yes, it is!!

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