Gear: The Connection Is Unclear, but the Art Is Sharp and Clean

The Connection Is Unclear, but the Art Is Sharp and Clean

By Petrolicious Productions
May 14, 2014

Remove Before, is the name of an automotive graphic design shop run by Barcelona-born Mr. Marc Carreras. The shop is named after the “Remove Before Flight” safety warning commonly seen on removable aircraft components but what it has to do with automotive art where not quite sure. What we are sure about is that Marc’s art is sharp and clean.

During the day, this designer works as a 3D modeler in the exterior design department at Qoros Automotive. He recently started Remove Before, because he wanted to create automotive art with a classic look in a style he is continually looking to develop.

Click here to buy art prints, shirts, iPhone cases—you name it.

Click here to follow Remove Before on Facebook.

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9 years ago

Great, they have Kids’ Tees too. Just bought the M1 and Stratos rear in white, and TZ2 front in red for my friend’s soon-to-be 2 year old. Thanks for sharing!