News: The Ferrari Classiche Academy Is Ready To Make Your Dreams Come True With A Classic Car Driving Experience At Fiorano

The Ferrari Classiche Academy Is Ready To Make Your Dreams Come True With A Classic Car Driving Experience At Fiorano

By News Desk
October 18, 2019

Getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari is the dream of many a petrolhead, and driving one around the company’s famed Fiorano test track is even better. If it is one of the marque’s coveted classic models then the dream starts to seem like an unattainable fantasy. After all, who in their right mind would allow you to push their valuable pride and joy to the limit like that?

It turns out that Ferrari themselves are quite keen on you to have a go. If you are interested in learning how to control a truly analog classic sports car around a track (with some expert guidance) and learn a bit about the company’s history in the process then the Ferrari Classiche Academy is tailor-made just for you.

The program is comprised of a series of driving courses held over two days at the Fiorano circuit, and it immerses attendees in the world of Ferrari before electronics systems were commonplace in the automotive world. The cars covered by the course and available for participants to drive are four 308 GTS and GTBi models, all with various mechanical developments from the base models, and a Mondial 3.2.

Track driving modules of increasing difficulty will have people driving in a variety of conditions (always with an instructor) where they will be able to get accustomed to the techniques of driving a classic sports car and will learn about heel-and-toeing, rev-matching and double-declutching.

The course will end with a guided tour of the Officine Classiche Ferrari and the company’s technical archive. Participants can view technical drawings, engineers’ notebooks and race reports for GT and racing cars produced from 1947 onwards.

The second round of the Ferrari Classiche Academy courses will start next spring, so it’s probably a good idea to get in touch with the organizers well beforehand to ensure that your dream of getting behind the wheel of a classic Ferrari becomes a reality.

Images courtesy of Ferrari

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