Travel: The Incredible Patina Of Shelby’s First Daytona Coupe

The Incredible Patina Of Shelby’s First Daytona Coupe

By Nat Twiss
September 21, 2015

Photography by Nat Twiss

At the Goodwood Revival, I was stopped in my tracks at the sight of an elusive beast: the very first Shelby Daytona Coupe, named CSX2287. Its history, in much-abridged fashion:

  • Thanks to Peter Brock, the closed car was some 30 mph faster than the open Cobras.
  • After an amazingly successful run in Europe, and a win at the 1964 Sebring 12 Hours, the car ended its racing career at Bonneville by capturing taking a number of speed records.
  • Found its way to music producer Phil Spector, who used it as a daily driver around LA in the early 1970s.
  • It was completely off the radar until 2001, until CSX2287 turned up in a storage as the barn find of the century.
  • Still unrestored after all these years, it’s now a permanent resident of the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia. After lovingly refurbishing and reconditioning the car to run and drive, it’s now exercised on a regular basis.

Thanks to its wild past, it’s both acknowledged to be a cultural artifact in the U.S. and its Goodwood Revival appearance was the first time it’s been to Europe since it left more than 50 years ago. Here is a closer look at this icon of racing history.


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8 years ago

If I could drive only one car for the rest of my life, it would be one of these beautiful beasts.

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson
8 years ago

The story of how this car made it’s way from Phil Spector to its current owner is an [url=””]amazing one[/url].

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