Journal: The Lamborghini Countach Visualized

The Lamborghini Countach Visualized

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
September 3, 2013

In an effort to feature one of our favorite cars, the Lamborghini Countach, we’ve created a Petrolicious infographic featuring this iconic car and some of its history and statistics. For instance, the Lamborghini Countach 0-60 mph sprint was 5.1 seconds (or depending upon your source, 5.6 seconds), and there were only 2,042 produced over a span of 16 years.

Click here to watch “When Outrageous Was Possible”, which was released as one of our first Petrolicious videos on October 9 of last year and features a sleek Countach and its owner, James Chen.

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Vintage Son
Vintage Son

It is no longer the largest tire fitted to a production vehicle, the new Viper took over that crown.

Pierre Hurlimann
Pierre Hurlimann

What kind of software is used to make this graphic ? Petrolicious is soo good !!


48 valves (in the QV model), 6 carbs, output shaft to the transmission to the driveshaft to the diff, scissor doors, NACA ducts, and dangerous aerodynamics. What an awesome handful of a car.