News: The Lamborghini Sián Hybrid Is A Glimpse Into The Future Of The Supercar

The Lamborghini Sián Hybrid Is A Glimpse Into The Future Of The Supercar

By News Desk
September 4, 2019

Lamborghini fans concerned that the visceral Aventador might be the last manic, naturally aspirated V12 offering from the marque can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The limited-edition Sián is a supercar for the future that combines this iconic powerplant with hybrid tech to make this the most powerful model Lamborghini has ever produced.

Unlike every other hybrid supercar, the Sián uses a supercapacitor to boost the performance of its Aventador-derived naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12. There are no battery packs to charge and the 48-volt 34hp e-motor has been incorporated directly into the gearbox to provide immediate response.

The supercapacitor is three times more powerful than a battery of the same weight and the entire package including e-motor weighs just 34kg (75 pounds), it is fully recharged every time the vehicle brakes and combined with the uprated Aventador motor—which now produces 785hp thanks in part to titanium intake valves—the Sián delivers a total of 819hp to the rear wheels.

With a power-to-weight ratio better than an Aventador SVJ and that instant electric torque aiding acceleration in the lower gears, the Sián reaches 62mph in under 2.8-seconds and significantly improves in-gear acceleration times too. Another big plus of the hybrid system is that it smooths out those savage automated single-clutch gearchanges, filling in the torque gaps between each upshift to provide a seamless thrust of acceleration, and also aiding in low-speed maneuvring such as reversing and parking.

The exterior design is another peek into what the next generation of Lamborghini supercars will be like. It too incorporates the traditional with the future as the inspiration for the Sián comes from the classic lines of the Countach as well as one-off futuristic concept cars like the Terzo Millennio. Active cooling vanes and an active rear wing are just some of the next-generation solutions that we will surely see again in the future on upcoming models. Just 63 of these hybrid supercars will be built. True to form all have already been accounted for.

Stefano Domenicali,  Lamborghini chairman and CEO, sees this as the first step into the future for the brand, “Not only does the Sián deliver a formidable hyper-car design and engineering tour de force today, it augments the potential for Lamborghini as a super sports car brand for tomorrow and for decades to come, even as hybridization becomes more desirable and inevitably essential. The Lamborghini Sián represents the first step in Lamborghini’s route to electrification, and expedites our next-generation V12 engine.”

Now if they can just figure out how to fit a manual gearbox into the mix then the age of the analog hybrid supercar would truly become a reality.

Images courtesy of Lamborghini

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