News: The Lotus Evija Is One Step Closer To Production As High-Speed Testing Commences

The Lotus Evija Is One Step Closer To Production As High-Speed Testing Commences

By News Desk
November 26, 2019

The Lotus Evija is promising to be one of the quickest and most powerful sports cars in history but before it can lay claim to any records it has to complete a series of rigorous development and testing programs.

Unlike many similarly ambitious projects, however, the Evija is well on its way to becoming a production reality and at its Chinese debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Lotus also revealed a video of its upcoming electric hypercar undergoing some high-speed testing on a private circuit.

This follows the already completed kinematic and compliance tests as well as multiple dynamic load and suspension simulations, but the true test is always how the vehicle performs in the real world.

Gavan Kershaw, Director of Vehicle Attributes, Lotus Cars, commented, “Physical prototype testing at speed is a landmark moment for the Evija and hugely exciting for everyone involved. Our aim is to make sure it’s a true Lotus in every sense, with exceptional performance that’s going to set new standards in the hypercar sector.”

Matt Windle, Executive Director for Sports Car Engineering, was on hand at the Guangzhou Auto Show reveal and added, “Everything about the Evija is ‘For The Drivers’. I don’t believe there is another EV in the world that can claim this. From the mid-engined-inspired Lotus layout, to the aerodynamics and downforce, the driving position, vehicle stance and unbelievable performance. It is instantly recognizable as special with a unique character, yet it is unquestionably a Lotus.”

With production on schedule for the run of 130 cars, this 1972hp hypercar is set to redefine its segment, perhaps not just for what promises to be mind-bending acceleration but also for the way it engages with the driver. With the global shift towards EVs, hopefully, that is what differentiates the Evija from its competitors.

Images courtesy of Lotus

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Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer
4 years ago

Wow. I sure hope they bring out an SUV version of this…………..

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