Gear: The Most Successful Ferrari Ever Is In The Petrolicious Shop

The Most Successful Ferrari Ever Is In The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
February 25, 2016

Would you care to guess what the most winning Ferrari chassis (in period) in history is? It’s not an ex-Formula One car and it isn’t an Indy racer. It is chassis number #0672, this 625/250 TRC. Ordered new from Ferrari in 1957 by Mr. John von Neumann, an accomplished racer in his own right, along with another 625 TRC both fitted with 2.5L ex-Le Mans four-cylinders. John’s assistant was Mr. Richie Ginther, who ran John’s stable of race cars and also competed along with John, effectively creating a very winning race team.

After a few races, John ordered the first 250TR engine (#0750TR) and had Richie shoehorn the big V-12 into the diminutive TRC (and this is the only TRC with a factory V-12). So how successful was it? Well, it won the Grand Prix of Mexico and races in Laguna Seca, Salt Lake City, Riverside, Nassau, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Pomona, Sacramento, and the list continues. It took on all challengers and frequently beat them. The car was so successful in fact, that even after the car was sold in 1961 to Mr. Otto Zipper it continued winning into the 1962 season with Ken Miles at the helm! Imagine a top tier, five-year old race car winning today! It was simply a state of the art combination of the gorgeous, light TRC body and a strong, reliable three-liter engine. It should win the battle for your favorite wall, too.

The print is available in a limited edition of 50 numbered prints on acid-free, 100% cotton-fiber archival paper, hand-stamped with the Petrolicious seal of authenticity, providing superior contrasts and color rendition. 

Head on over to the Petrolicious Shop, it’s time to put a star on your wall.

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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

Calling this the most winning Ferrari in history is a bit of hyperbole on the best of days . First off because its wrong . Several chassis’s that were originally factory cars went on to extended and glorious careers both in road races , hillclimbs etc … not to mention the multitudes of cars that one many national championship races all thru out Europe . Second because the majority if the races this chassis won were in fact 2nd rate national races [ mainly CA ] with little or no foreign competitors involved .

So there real question is in light of the actual history [ as documented by the many experts in the field with decades of experience , books etc ] anyone with a modicum of authority when it comes to Ferraris history is …. who’s behind this moment of revisionist history … and why ?

To end on a positive … great print … beautiful car … anyone wanting a nice Ferrari print for their den etc couldn’t go wrong with this one … but enough of the revisionism …. and lets get back to the facts … not agenda based virtual reality

Matthew Lange
8 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

Bruce Meyer stated it in the video on this car. So which chassis do you think is the most successful Ferrari in terms of race wins? The Peter Schetty 212e Montagna 0862 must be a good contender in terms of wins as a factory entered car but not overall?

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