Travel: The Owl’s Head Museum Is A Hidden Gem

The Owl’s Head Museum Is A Hidden Gem

By Jacopo Villa
April 13, 2016

Photography by Federico Bajetti

Being an enthusiast is like being part of an underground, unspoken, worldwide club: there’s no admission fee, there is no central clubhouse, yet there is that mutual respect that bonds each one of us.

We heard about this museum from fellow enthusiasts who helped us escape a snowy night in Maine. Federico and I were excited to examine the wonders of the Owls Head’s Transportation Museum, a place we had no idea was in the area—we’d been visiting from Italy. Housed in one of the hangars of the Knox County Regional Airport, it’s a fun place to stroll through.

There are airplanes, motorcycles, and cars—in case you’re getting tired of looking at seafood buffets during your visit to the state. While it was snowing outside, inside we felt warmly at home with all sorts of machinery to spend our time with, including one of Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2002 Formula 1 cars.

It’s one of those places that has something for everyone: Americana, European rarities, Indian flathead hillclimbers, Stanley Steamers, Springfield, MA-built Rolls-Royces, single seat midget race cars, and plenty of other machines to see and to learn from. Our friendly host was Jenna Lookner,  who showed us around and explained some of the rare pieces on display.

The collection is huge on Pre- and Post- War cars and aeroplanes—many of which we couldn’t stop staring at in awe. We’re lucky that bad weather helped us find this place, but even so, the Owl’s Head Museum is an unexpectedly interesting and diverse way to spend an afternoon.

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8 years ago

It is an amazing museum. They have a fly in every too. It’sabsolutely worth the trip.

8 years ago

So glad to see this place written up on Petrolicious. I used to go to this part of Maine all the time for work and stopped in to this museum on my way to the airport once. I figured it’s in a tiny town in Maine, how big could it be? Well, I ended up having to really rush through to see everything and still make my flight. It’s really an impressive collection, and it’s in a beautiful area, too. Well worth a trip.

Eric D. Brown
Eric D. Brown
8 years ago

It’s even better when Summer rolls around and they actually fly their impressive collection of vintage and reproduction aircraft, including a Wright Flyer, Bleriot Type XI, Fokker Triplane, Spad…

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