Journal: The Pendine Sands Are Where Drivers Go To Challenge Hot Rod History

The Pendine Sands Are Where Drivers Go To Challenge Hot Rod History

Avatar By Isaac Wingold
June 28, 2016

For members of the Vintage Hot Rod Association, Pendine Sands is a proving grounds of sorts. It’s where hot rodders of all ages go to take in the intoxicating smell of, “salt, gasoline, and adrenaline”. And, naturally, to feel the rush of reaching thrillingly high speeds.

Since the early 1900s, this 7-mile stretch of the Welsh beach has served as the natural venue of choice for those wishing to join the hot rod elite at the 100 mph mark, in addition to hosting many attempts on the world land speed record.

Earlier this month, the Vintage Hot Rod Association held one of its two-day races at the Pendine Sands, and luckily for us, acclaimed German photographer Johannes Huwe was on location with a Leica MP full of Tri-X, to capture the high speed nostalgia in all its glory. The result of Huwe’s terrific photographic work is a beautiful collection of black and white images that genuinely capture the spirit of the hot rod community, while evoking memories of hot rodding’s early days.

Better: he’s written up the entire experience as a photo essay. If you love seeing and reading about these beasts in action as much as we do, you don’t want to miss his story, “Pendine Sands Hot Rod Races”.

H/T to Johannes Huwe and in color

You can follow Johanne’s work at Twitter, Facebook, and on his website, and you can buy his prints from Pendine at Society6.

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