News: The Retro-Inspired Ares Panther ProgettoUno Is To Be Built In A Spyder Variant Too

The Retro-Inspired Ares Panther ProgettoUno Is To Be Built In A Spyder Variant Too

By News Desk
March 21, 2019

Ares Design recently announced their intention to build the Panther ProgettoUno, a modern interpretation of the classic 1970s DeTomaso Pantera. Using the Lamborghini Huracán as a donor, the design house plans to produce 70 cars over the next five years, the first of which should be ready for deliveries by May. While there is no doubt that the Ares Panther is a handsome car already, the company has just announced that it will also be offering a Spyder version in the coming months, a move that is sure to get a few more customers signed up.

With the coupé starting at nearly $700,000, we imagine that the Spyder variant will be pricier still but that may not be a problem as apparently nine coupés have already been sold to clients who haven’t actually driven the car. Company boss Dany Bahar states that the aim of this project is to produce a car that focuses on the pleasure of driving and that they are not chasing ultimate acceleration or top speed figures. That said, the Huracán’s ECU has been tweaked to deliver slightly more power, with 650hp on tap from the 5.2-liter V10, so it actually undercuts the donor car’s 0 to 62mph time by a tenth, completing the benchmark in 3.1-seconds. So, speed is definitely still part of the package although with the ECU mods, new exhaust system as well as a recalibrated gearbox, the driving experience promises to be an even more “emotional and passionate experience” according to Ares.

The major changes have taken place to the bodywork and interior; every external panel is made from carbon fiber while the cockpit is a bespoke Ares design too, although on the concept car the Lambo links are more apparent here.  That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case as Bahar says that each car can be fully customized to the tastes of each client. The Spyder variant is most likely going to share its basic architecture with the Huracán Spyder but we still can’t wait to see how it will look once the retro styling details have been applied to it.

Images courtesy of Ares Design

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The Stig
The Stig
4 years ago

What a terrible paint job

4 years ago

“Using the Lamborghini Huracán as a donor”.

Wow, way to miss the point.

Peter J Smith
Peter J Smith
4 years ago

It’s a beautiful car, no doubt, but, I’d definitely prefer it without the rather vulgar “PANTHER” decals down the rocker panels.