Market Finds: The Stunning Ming Collection Is Ready To Turn You Into An Instant Ferrari Aficionado At the Raise Of A Bidding Paddle

The Stunning Ming Collection Is Ready To Turn You Into An Instant Ferrari Aficionado At the Raise Of A Bidding Paddle

By News Desk
June 24, 2019

Some Ferraris cannot be bought just with money alone, they require the customer to have a relationship with the company, one that has been nurtured and developed over the years. Only then, once you have amassed a selection of desirable models and shown that you were not in it simply to turn a quick profit might they invite you to be put on a list for the special limited-edition fare such as a track-only 2006 Ferrari FXX.

If you’re not the patient type but have the requisite finances to purchase such a car then the Ming Collection may be just the ticket to owning not only the FXX but also a selection of shrewdly chosen Ferraris from the last 40 years that are already highly collectible in their own right.

RM Sotheby’s is set to auction this seven-car collection at its upcoming Monterey event taking place 15-17 August in California, and while it is unlikely that the entire lot will go to one buyer, it could make for the perfect instant Ferrari collection if it did. All are finished in distinctive red paintwork, none has covered more than a handful of miles and most feature the always popular cream leather interior.

Starting off with the oldest car in the collection, the 1984 512BBi was the precursor to the Testarossa and shares a similar layout as well as the 4.9-liter flat-12 mid-mounted motor. The 512i was the last iteration of the BB models and only 1007 were built. If you missed out on a new one 35 years ago then here is your chance to buy a time-warp example with only 2501km (1563-miles) registered on the odometer.

Next up is a 1985 308 GTS Quattrovalvole. This one is from the last year of production and features the desirable fuel-injected multivalve 2.9-liter V8 engine with power now back up to a healthier 240hp (the first fuel-injected cars made only 205hp), it too is barely run in with 3959-miles (6334km) on the clock.

Following on in chronological order but drawing its inspiration from Ferrari’s rich racing heritage is the F40, the last road car to be overseen by Enzo himself. This 1991 model is Ferrari Classiche certified and is as unmarked as its (2728km) 1705 miles would suggest. Its front bumpers would suggest this is a US-spec model, which means lower servicing costs thanks to aluminum fuel tanks that don’t need replacing as often as the Euro-spec fuel bladders. Perhaps not something the future owner will be too concerned about considering that an F40 in this condition can command around $1,000,000 at auction.

The beautiful 1997 Ferrari F355 Spider is another car that seems to have been teleported forward in time. It has covered an average of 32 miles (51km) each year, possibly the distance to and from the garage where it got serviced. It is also one of the more desirable manual transmission models if the car wasn’t desirable enough already.

The 2006 FXX is the jewel in the crown of this already very impressive collection. It was made available only to the most dedicated clients and with just 30 made there were undoubtedly more than a few disgruntled millionaires when the invitations to purchase were sent out. The XX series of cars are track-only vehicles and owners get to enjoy them at special events on race tracks around the world organized by Ferrari each year. This 789hp 6.3-liter car is part of the first batch of XX models to be made by the factory and has apparently only been on track once at the Fiorano circuit back when it was brand new. It also comes with a full set of track-day tools, spare wheels and even an unused race suit.

RM Sotheby’s says that this is the first time ever one of these cars has been offered for public sale and while it does not mention whether the new owner will be eligible to take part in these private XX race events we are sure if they pick up the other six cars in the collection Ferrari would be open to discussions.

The 2007 F430 Spider is the next on the list and while this is not one of the handful of manuals built, its semi-automatic single-clutch transmission was by this time much improved over earlier efforts. This car too was clearly not used as a daily driver as evidenced by the 252 miles (403km) showing on its odometer.

V8-engined Spiders were clearly favored here as the final car rounding off this impressive garage is yet another open-topped mid-engined V8, this time a 2013 458 Spider. It has a black on red interior, which nicely complements the black wheel finish and deep red paintwork. It is the last of the naturally-aspirated V8s Ferrari made and the owner exercised unusual restraint to put on only 409 miles (654km) over the past six years.

Estimated values for these cars range from $100,000 for the 308 right up to $3.25-million for the FXX and the collection represents some of the most desirable modern-era Ferraris. Whether the new owner (or owners) will press them into more regular service will be a difficult decision to make but if it were up to us they would soon be adding to those meager mileages within minutes of delivery.

Images courtesy of RM Sotheby’s


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