News: The Taycan Cross Turismo Is Porsche’s Take On A Soft-Roading Station Wagon

The Taycan Cross Turismo Is Porsche’s Take On A Soft-Roading Station Wagon

By Petrolicious Productions
March 4, 2021

Porsche’s latest vehicle takes the all-electric Taycan line into new territory with a longer roofline and more capabilities for venturing away from the pavement. Besides the wagon body, increased ride height, new bumper designs and body cladding, fender extensions, and increased cargo space are the most significant points of differentiation between the Taycan sedan and Cross Turismo, while the powertrains will be the same across the wagon and sedan’s equivalent trim levels.

Announced today and expected to arrive in US dealerships this summer, the 2021 Cross Turismo will be available in four trim levels at launch: the 4 (the base Cross Turismo trim, of which there is no sedan equivalent), 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S. Standard equipment across the model range includes dual motors, a two-speed transmission, all-wheel drive, Porsche’s 93.4-kWh Performance Battery Plus and 800-volt battery architecture, adjustable air suspension with Porsche Adaptive Suspension Management, and a large glass roof with roof rails. Compared to the sedan, cargo space is the same in the front trunk (2.9ft³), but the wagon rear increases capacity to 42.8ft³ when the seats are folded flat in the Cross Turismo 4 and 4S. The Cross Turismo Turbo and Turbo S have significantly reduced space in the rear due to their powertrain, at 14.3ft³, which is the same as the non-Turbo Taycan sedans. In the wagon, headroom is increased by .35” at the front seats, and 3.62” at the rear.

The standard Cross Turismo rides 20mm (.78in) higher than the standard sedan, and also includes a Gravel Mode, which in addition to managing the “virtual center differential” and stability settings for driving on loose terrain, raises the suspension another 10mm (.39in). Below 19mph, the Lift Mode can also raise the wagon another 10mm (.39in). If you spec a Cross Turismo with the Off Road Design Package (which also adds more cladding, and 20” Off Road Design wheels), it will sit 10mm higher in all but Gravel and Lift Modes, for a total altitude gain of 30mm (1.17in) above the standard Taycan sedan. If that’s not enough of Porsche’s proper nouns in one paragraph, selecting Range or Sport+ mode will drop the Cross Turismo 22mm in order to improve the center of gravity for handling, and to increase its fuel efficiency for highway driving.

Straight line performance in comparison to the sedan is what you’d expect from a slightly heavier (by about 100lbs) and slightly taller vehicle with the same powertrains (barring the wagon-specific Cross Turismo 4 base trim). The 0-60 times are about a tenth slower than the sedans’, with the Turbo S clocking the fastest at 2.7 seconds, the Turbo at 3.1, the 4S at 3.9, and the 4 at 4.8. The official EPA range figures have yet to be released, but they will likely be slightly lower than the sedans’, which get around 200 miles per charge. It should be noted that each Cross Turismo comes with three years of free charging through Electrify America.

Besides the aforementioned Off Road Design Package, options inside the Cross Turismo include heads up display, 14-way massaging seats, and Bose or Burmester audio systems, while exterior options include 20” Off Road Design wheels, 21” Cross Turismo Design wheels, a “roof transport system” that attaches via the roof rails, and a Tequipment rear-mount bike rack. Technology options include Porsche InnoDrive, which adds adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist.

Deliveries are set for this summer in the US as a 2021 model year vehicle, with pricing for the Cross Turismo 4 starting at $90,900.

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2 years ago

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Jean-Marc Creuset
Jean-Marc Creuset
3 years ago

And they call that a sportscar! Porsche is betraying its own story, but as long as it sells, why should they care?

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