News: The Tesla Cybertruck Is The Good, The Bad And The Ugly All Rolled Into One

The Tesla Cybertruck Is The Good, The Bad And The Ugly All Rolled Into One

By News Desk
November 22, 2019

Tesla Motors has just revealed its latest EV, the Cybertruck at SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Like most of its new model releases, the stats and performance figures have been designed to shock but, in this case, the exterior design has drawn more attention than even the Ferrari-rivalling performance of the angular beast.

“Trucks have been the same for a very long time, we wanted to try something different,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Well different in this case means exterior styling that is comprised purely of bold angles, just like the movie cars from your favorite post-apocalyptic 1990s blockbusters.

Divisive styling aside, the technology and ingenuity that has gone into the Cybertruck is impressive. For one it has a stainless steel body capable of withstanding impacts from a sledgehammer–as demonstrated by Tesla design chief Franz von Holzhausen (though throwing a steel ball at the windows didn’t go so well…). The window glass can stop bullets from a handgun, shattering, but remaining intact in the process, and it will be capable of a sub-2.9-second 0-60mph run in its most potent tri-motor form.

The Cybertruck can also do more traditional truck-like things, like hauling 100 cubic feet of cargo, towing up to 14,000 pounds and off-roading with its 16-inches of ground clearance. An adaptive air suspension is standard and approach and departure angles of 35 degrees and 28 degrees respectively are also impressive.

The base model, which will be rear-wheel-drive, be capable of a sub-6.5-second 0-60mph time and have a range of 250 miles, will start at $39,900. The mid-range dual motor model has all-wheel-drive, a 300+ mile range and a price tag of $49,900. The tri-motor range-topper will reputedly be capable of doing 500-miles of supercar humiliation between charges and it can be yours for $69,900. For $100 you can pre-order your very own Tesla Cybertruck. Production is slated for late 2021.

Whether that finished product looks and performs like the vehicle revealed here remains to be seen, but if it manages to deliver on those performance and range figures then it will truly be a revolutionary entrant into the truck category. Perhaps by then someone in the Tesla design department would have added a few curves to those exterior lines too (though we kinda hope they don’t).

Images courtesy of Tesla 

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2 years ago

It’s about as aesthetically pleasing as a brick. I’d be embarrassed to be seen in one.

John Feng
John Feng(@john_feng)
2 years ago

Generally I like companies that break old paradigms and do the impossible. As for an EV Pickup, as a commuter car this looks fine. As a occasional hauler,it’s probably ok as weight in the bed is not as much of a liability on range for an EV (due to recovery of momentum energy). But what about towing? My trailer amhas the aerodynamics of a single car garage, well because it is a one car garage for vintage race cars.and also for hauling my friend’s garage queens to shows. What kind of range will this Pickup have when the non-recoverable energy output is big (eg aerodynamic drag and trailer braking) ??

Gavin Langier
Gavin Langier(@laniger)
2 years ago

Crazy design – the wedge is back! Big balls are definitely required to put this into production as is, and I’m sure Elon will want a lot more than $100 of commitment before doing so.

There are some very interesting angles but it seems so anachronistic. If only other manufacturers would be so daring but sadly it’s cars like this, that despite their brilliance, tend not to sell so well. Once the initial drama wears off, will purchasers still feel so comfortable filling up at the gas station in something that belongs on the set of Robo-Cop movie? For sure, if it doesn’t sell well in this guise it’s going to be a future classic.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gavin Langier


The gas station? 😉

As for the styling, I prefer the “friendly brute” styling of late ’50s Ford or Chevy pickups over this homage to Predator drones and fighter planes any day. To each his own!

Jeremy DeConcini
Jeremy DeConcini(@ymeabay)
2 years ago

I actually like the fact that it is unique and crazy looking, but as someone who likes utility in a truck, how about a flat roof for a roof rack? How gnarly are those blind spots going to be? And how roasted are you going to get through that windshield? Cool concept, but I would never buy it, which is a shame, because I was ready to put my money down, maybe Rivian is the way to go…

2 years ago

Ok and here I thought the Aztek would always be the ugliest vehicle…

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson(@pdxbryan)
2 years ago

It reminds me of a p/up version of the 1st gen Countach. Cool!

Scott A
Scott A(@scottallen)
2 years ago

I am a big fan of this, and would chose it over a Taycan, and I would actually buy this…
not the high performance one, but maybe mid range. 6 seats and nothing to worry about, and all useful. What a shape and an idea. I hope this changes what trucks become. I think I found my first Telsa, and my first electric. This is a global soluition!! (i do wish it was slightly smaller) but I have 3 air-cooled cars for that I guess.

2 years ago

I absolutely dig this. It’s the antithesis to all post-Bangle “styling” overload. I’m a fan of this.