Journal: The Upcoming Bike Shed London 2017 Will Be Stuffed With Custom Motorcycles

The Upcoming Bike Shed London 2017 Will Be Stuffed With Custom Motorcycles

By Alex Sobran
April 18, 2017

Photography by Tom Horna for Autohouse / Bike Shed

Not a swap meet, not a ruse to conceal veiled sales solicitations, and certainly not somewhere you’ll want to find yourself if you can’t stand motorcycles, the 2017 edition of Bike Shed London is not for everyone.

Of course, if you’re drawn to the resurgent and increasingly popular nouveau cafe racer and custom bike scene and all its plumage, this will be a great spot for you come the end of May. Running from the 26th-28th of the month, the coming show is once again taking place at London’s Tobacco Docks, though with an expectation of more than 150 modified motorcycles from well-regarded builders and brands filling the interior this year, the footprint of the whole area has swollen to accommodate the entirety of it all. “All” because in addition to the bikes on open display, there will be the full regiment of supporting pieces to create the kind of multi-faceted event sought by those who are involved in the culture, or even just day-visitors who are just intrigued by all that’s taking place.

With art displays and live music accompanying dockside views, a barbershop and tattoo parlor providing the atmosphere, a bar and cigar lounge in addition to the kid-friendly spaces, and coffee and tea offerings to keep up with it all, it seems there won’t be a lack of options for side activities to pair with the main showing of custom vintage motorcycles.

To purchase tickets, and for further information or questions about Bike Shed London 2017, visit the event site here.


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