Journal: The World Lancia Stratos Meeting Is Exactly As Incredible As It Sounds

The World Lancia Stratos Meeting Is Exactly As Incredible As It Sounds

By Petrolicious Productions
June 27, 2016

Photography by Rosario Liberti

While many of the world’s enthusiasts were sunning themselves at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, a small but significant cache of Lancia Stratos cars and owners joined in Biella, Italy, for the Zenith El Primero World Stratos Meeting. Which event would you have taken precedent in your calendar?

Here, photographer Rosario Liberti is able to make a compelling case for spending the day oogling Marcello Gandini’s rally-bred masterpiece, the Stratos. Its design is most closely aligned with a wedge of cheese, but its Ferrari-derived V6 engine and ludicrously short wheelbase helped push the car to the top of the World Rally Championship.

They’re still as sought-after, only now there are events like the World Stratos Meeting that honor the 40th anniversary of the car winning the World Rally Championship. Biella is near the place one of its engineers, designers, and test drivers, the late in life (but not on the road) Claudio Maglioli perfected the car. These days, the goal is to share the car, so that others can revel in what a special machine the Stratos is.

From the recently-made “modern” Stratos’—powered by Ferrari V8s—to how the original cars had a space in the doors for rally headphones, it’s a car equally impressive sliding sideways on a WRC stage. Whether your interest in the car is for its mechanical prowess, rally wins, or sheer audacity, Rosario’s been able to find a few angles to get us all thinking.

H/T to World Stratos Meeting

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Robert Schneider
Robert Schneider(@1982twofortyfive)
5 years ago

Wouldn’t cha wanted to buy a couple 3 of these when new ? Along with a Daytona one of my top favs.

Jim Levitt
Jim Levitt(@jrl1194)
5 years ago

I’ll take that yellow street version, thank you very much.
One of those cars “during the day” I wanted … but could not buy!

Yanis R
Yanis R
5 years ago

Michael Stoschek’s Stratos.. wow

Simon Sheldrick
Simon Sheldrick(@thefamouseccles)
5 years ago

The Stratos and Miura are #2 and #1 respectively in my “must have when I win the lottery” cars list.

Che molto bella!

Steven Jepson
Steven Jepson(@lanciahawk)
5 years ago


Che bella!!!

5 years ago

I respect what the designer of the new car was strive by for, as it’s a modern tribute, but as with all modern tributes, it doesn’t capture the same magic. The edges have been smoothed, so the design isn’t as radical and the engine is all wrong. The Dino-derived V6 sounds so different and has a much more raw, savage note to it. Don’t try to tell a Stratos it has a V6. It sounds like an minitiarized flat 12!

5 years ago
Reply to  HitTheApex

That should read “was striving for”. Go to the junkyard, stupid autocorrect!

5 years ago

Old School is the real soul of a car!!!

Charlie Tango
Charlie Tango(@charlie-tango)
5 years ago

The new Stratos has nothing to do with the classic one. Old school is true school.

5 years ago

Such an amazing view. How many of those are there nowadays? I wish they also had a Group 5 car about among this gathering.