Featured: There’s Room For One More, If That One Is A Maserati

There’s Room For One More, If That One Is A Maserati

By Petrolicious Productions
September 4, 2015

Story by Patrick Bryson and Photography by Will Brewster

Tim Gallagher is a life-long car nut. While stationed in Germany in 1973 he bought a 1964 Ferrari 330. Since ’73, Tim has put 95,000 miles on that Ferrari, with new miles being added regularly. That pretty much sums up the guy who owns this sweet little Maserati.

Tim first spied this car the same way many of us did: it popped up on Bring A Trailer in late 2011. Tim wasn’t looking for another car but it caught his fancy and he followed up with the Columbus, Ohio dealer who was selling it. After due diligence, a couple of visits, and a bit of haggling, Tim added a Maserati to his small collection.

The prior owner purchased this 1961 Maserati 3500GT during college and sold it in retirement, having owned it for some 30 years. The years 1996 through 2002 saw this car undergo a thorough restoration. Tim had very little to do once he took possession, other than change the fluids and mount fresh tires. He added a battery cut-off switch and a radiator overflow tank as well.

Most Maserati 3500GT coupes, including Tim’s, were bodied by Carrozzeria Touring using the Superleggera construction technique. Superleggera translates to “Super Light”, and is a framework of small tubes carrying thin alloy body panels. The result is great weight savings. Tim’s Maserati is a carbureted car, with front discs and rear drums. Later versions have four wheel disk brakes and Lucas fuel injection.

Tim’s 3500GT was photographed in Montana prior to and during the Going To The Sun Rally. The truck driver was a week early, so the car was stored in photographer Will Brewster’s machine shed, next to some Porsches. Will is a renowned photographer, and took advantage of the early morning light to take a few of these pictures outside of Bozeman. Other photos were taken throughout the rally week.

The Going To The Sun Rally is a vintage car rally that takes place in Montana every September, with festivities for this year’s running starting today. 

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Urs Kuckertz
Urs Kuckertz
7 years ago

When I saw that car the first time in my life I was shivering. I love that beauty

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
8 years ago

The last picture is an awesome combination of car and scenery. Is that the road through Glacier Nat. Pk.? I’ve always wanted to make that drive.