News: There's A New Top-Class Concours Coming And It's At The Family Home Of Princess Diana

There’s A New Top-Class Concours Coming And It’s At The Family Home Of Princess Diana

By News Desk
September 23, 2019

The Althorp Estate in Northamptonshire has been the ancestral home of the Spencer family for over 500 years, and between 17 and 19 July 2020 it will be hosting its first-ever automotive event ‘Auto Royale’ on its extensive and beautifully manicured grounds.

Aside from numerous car club displays, specialist traders and corporate hospitality, the central attraction will be what is touted to be the finest multi-class Concours d’Elegance in Britain. Featuring up to 150 vehicles across the globe, from the Edwardian era up to the 1980s, the Concours will offer a range of traditional class and special celebration awards.

Ben Guynan, sales director at Marque II International Media & Events had this to say about the upcoming event: “Working in partnership with Lord Spencer and the Althorp Estate, we believe Auto Royale will offer something entirely different in the UK for the international enthusiast, with our goal to become the most anticipated classic motoring event of the British summer season. We have many exciting announcements to share in the run-up to Auto Royale, including some of the rarest examples of automotive design in the world, many of which will never have appeared in Britain before.”

With the promise of the very best local produce and fine wine to accompany the rare and beautiful cars on display, Auto Royale looks to be an event well worth keeping an eye on. More information will be revealed over the coming months and interested parties can visit the link below for ticketing and Concours details.

Images courtesy of Althorp

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among us
among us
2 years ago

I’m quite impressed with the suggestion you provided. Tips that are really valuable and worth studying!
scribbl io

4 years ago

Lofty goal – most anticipated classic event – more than Goodwood?

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