Journal: These 5 Drivers Are Dancing On The Edge

These 5 Drivers Are Dancing On The Edge

By Michael Banovsky
October 15, 2015

I often find it difficult to locate interesting clips that I haven’t seen before, and at the top of that list are videos of incredible driving. Here I present four long clips that will make you want to apex the next corner you see, or hopefully inspire you to hit the track if you haven’t already.

And yes, of course the Yellow Bird makes an appearance.

Auto Motor & Sport test driver Stefan Roser, well, helped to gift the world with this incredible clip. He’s in the Ruf CTR “Yellow Bird”, a 211 mph legend in its own right.

Bet you didn’t expect to watch a video on illegal street racing in Japan, but Vice produced this excellent look at the underground scene in Okinawa. While we don’t condone this sort of thing, you don’t often see a closer look at such a dangerous pastime.

What’s the headliner here? I mean, it’s all incredible: Walter Röhrl, an Audi Quattro S1 Group B rally car, a stage lined five deep with spectators…and a pedal cam. I have a feeling that Audi’s

“Very, very quick indeed,” says Sir Jackie Stewart as he narrates onboard footage of a lap of the Nurburgring in 1974. “Every time I see this, it frightens me,” he says. Me, too.

And how could I forget this small slice of Ferrari GTO heaven, a car that is putty in Derek Hill’s hands?

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Fernando Obregon
Fernando Obregon
8 years ago

Ayrton Senna Monaco lap is missing

Bertram Wooster
Bertram Wooster
8 years ago

[url=””]Your text to link…[/url]
or pretty much any Spec Miata race belongs on the list

Tatiana Noel
Tatiana Noel
8 years ago

Thank you so much for the Stefan Roser lap. Still one of the top 3 Nurburgring lap vids on the internet if you ask me.

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