Journal: These Are Brochure Photos For Life With A Classic Volkswagen T3 Camper Van

These Are Brochure Photos For Life With A Classic Volkswagen T3 Camper Van

By Petrolicious Productions
March 17, 2016

Photography by Brook James Photography

Living with something undoubtedly lends itself to gaining a more intimate perspective of it. Photographers try to capture that intimacy in only a few frames, perhaps in a close portrait or in a gloomy shot of a deeply grey street scene.

In Brook James’ case, it’s difficult to not see the pull that his Volkswagen T3 Camper has on him, and his shots. He sent these to us in advance of an upcoming road trip through Tasmania, with the promise to write a more in-depth look at the joys of traveling in an older VW van—besides the scenery, of course.

“Hands down my favourite vehicle I have owned to date,” he says, and we can see why. As a commercial photographer generally working on different subjects in Melbourne, Australia, James uses his van travels and passion for vehicles as a way to merge his photography with a love of cars.

Follow his work online and—for the latest—on Instagram.

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Lazar Octavian
Lazar Octavian

This is just great. I love the mood he captured with these shots. Looking at these from my office, really make s me miss a good road trip at least. alos went to his website, love him photography, lots of film shots too : )

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Traveling or better yet overlanding in a VW T2 of any vintage can be summed up as follows ; Simplicity and Efficiency with an overwhelming amount of Functionality and a surprising amount of comfort [ albeit with a compromise or two ] all wrapped up in a package smaller than many of todays so called ‘ compact’ cars with mechanicals anyone with a modicum of understanding can maintain and repair not to mention having the ability to be repaired during the short term [ until full repairs can be done ] guaranteed to get you to the next garbage when… Read more »

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

… eeesh … garbage should of read … Garage ! My kingdom [ or at least whats left of it ] for an editing function Petrolicious