Travel: These Are The Group B Rally Cars You Missed At Race Retro

These Are The Group B Rally Cars You Missed At Race Retro

By Nat Twiss
March 1, 2016

Photography by Nat Twiss

Take a cold February day in the UK, an empty exhibition ground, some tarmac roads, and some incredible Group B and historic rallying machines, put them together, and you get Race Retro. We loved it last year, and we came back for more last weekend. This year, it’s a little bigger, a little muddier, and a whole lot better.

With big­ name drivers like Mark Higgins at the wheels of some all time greats like the Lancia Delta S4 and the legendary Audi Quattro, you’re basically guaranteed some great hooning. Rally fans know this well, but we’re thankful that even classic rally machines can be driven at any time, in any conditions—just the thing to tide us over until the racing season begins in earnest.

Take a few minutes to peruse our gallery and get excited that the racing season is almost back…

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8 years ago

My most sincere and highest praise for that second pic of the Sport Quattro flinging mud. Outstanding.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

Ahem ! Out of the 23 identifiable photos 14 of them are NOT Group B cars .. and are either Group 2 , Group 4 , Group A or Group N Rally cars

Seriously Petrolicious … a little judicious editing is in order here.. not to mention a bit of expertise being required of any potential writer

The ‘correct ‘ header should read ;

” These are the Rally Cars you missed at Race Retro “

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