Gear: These Automotive Illustrations Are Comical and Classical

These Automotive Illustrations Are Comical and Classical

By Petrolicious
August 27, 2015

Artwork by Mo Faraz

We’re all aware that vehicles have personalities, but how best to illustrate it? Artist Mo Faraz has decided to delve into light-hearted comedy for his latest series, creating a number of beautiful illustrations that show iconic classics in thought-provoking situations.

With witty text and simple line-drawings, he’s released an example each week over the last month, all of which you see here. For each cartoon, he takes a satirical look at the unusual scenarios faced by a classic car motorist. According to Faraz, the ideas originate from the belief that our individual (car) relationships must contain two-distinct levels of thinking.

For example, the series is called H42, named after the first dual-beam headlight. Humor in this series takes a bit of examination, with topics that include journeys, loyalties, beliefs, political turmoil, and human history. After all, classic car culture has evolved into a modern style and the series is an attempt to pay tribute to those who built, enjoyed, and competed in these cars.

You may enjoy the humor series via his website, or purchase an exclusive print here.


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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

The Alfa and 356 prints are the cleverest of the bunch . And jeeze his prices are extremely reasonable . Nice ! A touch of classic car humor minus the current classic car wretched excess price tags ! I love it ! Hmmn . I wonder if there might still be a bit of wall space left in the studio for one of these ? I’ll have to see after Pd’O and I conclude our business .

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