Partnered: These Graphics Are Fantastique in Any Language

These Graphics Are Fantastique in Any Language

By Petrolicious Productions
June 16, 2014

Nowadays, it’s tough to find visual art created by hand. Computers and software are tools just like paper and pencil but their versatility streamlines the process. And yet Mr. Bruno Michaud, the artist who created this work and the man behind BMD, seems to prefer developing his lettering by hand. While as a student, he learned to create typographies by hand, but later upon joining an agency he had to work digitally.

He did miss the hand work however and due to the more recent maker movement and the accompanying resurgence of traditional methods trending in art he can now integrate both digital and handwork into his style. But he is no purist. He says that tastes and trends come and go and that he has no problem adapting and changing. Before he modifies his style again though, we’ll enjoy these pieces. Oh and we’re not the only ones who dig his work, Bruno counts Levi’s, Nike, and Oxbow among his clients.

BMD Design’s helmets will be on display at the BDX–LAX Faraway So Close exhibition in Bordeaux, France, from June 13–July 13.

Click here to purchase some prints in the BMD Design Shop.

Click here to purchase some apparel from Fuel Motorcycles.

Click here to see more of Bruno’s work. 

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Hill Stone
Hill Stone
2 years ago

Super. I like this kind of art. I work as a web designer and often I have to do graphic design that the client likes but is not close to me, but the style you choose is gorgeous. I’ve seen something similar on the site MasterBundles This is my source of inspiration especially when creating creative plugins and add-ons.

rao sabir
rao sabir
6 years ago

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Michael Bugler
Michael Bugler
8 years ago

Beautiful work!

Diogo Petters Ferrari
Diogo Petters Ferrari
9 years ago

Very Nice!!

Bob Tilton
9 years ago

Insanely if not outrageously beautiful and the organic appeal is much welcomed in this synthetic world.

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