Gear: These Prints Show The Porsche 917 As A Pure And Simple Racing Legend

These Prints Show The Porsche 917 As A Pure And Simple Racing Legend

By Petrolicious Productions
September 8, 2016

It’s difficult to relate to the Porsche 917. Born of another era, raced against legends that are now prized collectibles, the car is extreme in both its aerodynamic form and the performance that lurks below its bodywork. But incredibly, these simple digital prints of the 917 wearing nothing but a white form are some of the most engaging artworks we’ve seen.

Our pals at INK Studio are a digital art and production experts who’ve fallen hopelessly in love with the 917 and decided to reproduce it faithfully using their most advanced tools. Far from being a staid and boring take on the car, the computer-aided process gives us three different views of the same model.

Prints of the Porsche 917 posed in front, rear, and top-down angles are available for purchase from the Petrolicious Shop, all three brand-new additions and printed with the quality we demand for art in our personal collections.

Get your Porsche 917 print now in the Petrolicious Shop.

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