Gear: These Stunning Car-Themed Skateboards Are Too Nice To Ride

These Stunning Car-Themed Skateboards Are Too Nice To Ride

By Michael Banovsky
May 3, 2016

You can buy one of Garage Welt’s beautifully designed skateboard decks and probably attack the local skate park. Better still, you can stare at that bare wall you’ve been waiting to fill with art and decide to use these artfully-designed decks instead. (Or buy some legs to turn it into a bench.) Either way, our friends at Garage Welt know how to get us enthusiasts excited about home furnishings.

Its assortment of skate decks runs across different marques and models—with, of course, some special edition releases—but it’s not the only thing it offers. Racing-inspired shirts, hats, pullovers, lapel pins, keyrings…enough to fill a virtual shopping cart. I’m predisposed to prefer the look of non-red Ferraris, and so seeing a skate deck featuring a blue F40 LM made me very happy, indeed.

Once a release is sold out, it’s gone—and then Garage Welt gets to do what it does best: offer motoring accessories and apparel you’d actually want to wear.

H/T Garage Welt

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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

If as you say its too nice to ride … then it aint a Skateboard . Its a decorative wall hanging .

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