Journal: These Videos Are The Key To The Future

These Videos Are The Key To The Future

By Petrolicious Productions
June 25, 2015

Ah, the future.

So difficult to predict accurately—but so easy to speculate on—these clips from the archives show the automobile in a state of flux. From the futuristic (and record-breaking) Mercedes-Benz C111 project to the ‘40s assertion from General Motors that highways of the future will help to displace “undesirable slums”, this weekend’s playlist has anything a futurist could want.

In 1976, the diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz C111 was the future. Enjoy this period footage from the Nardo circuit, and even if you can’t understand German, it’s an amazing look at the company’s record-setting sports car. And just listen to it!

A 1981 BBC documentary, with Williams and Alan Jones in pre-season testing, as the team tries to figure out how to stay competitive after ground effects are outlawed. They haven’t been back since.

On the left, this ‘60s film from Ford is called, Styling and the Experimental Car, and begins with…Egypt. Still, it’s a worthwhile watch—and gives a great look at period concept cars, as well as a rudimentary form of GPS. On the right, AT&T predict much of the coming digital revolution…in 1961.

On the left, a full video dedicated solely to the General Motors Firebird II—isn’t it awesome?! On the right, a fantastical look from 1956 at how a Firebird II driver would conduct his road trip of the future—including “auto control” and conversations with a central control tower that looks like a set from The Jetsons, we’re not sure if this would have been a terrible idea…or a great one!

The Ferrari 250 GTO is a fearsome machine…but not in the hands of racer Derek Hill, son of former Formula 1 Phil Hill. Turn it up…

On the left, the epic last lap of Bathurst in 2001, and on the right—the most insane finish ever at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, courtesy of the 2013 Firestone Indy Lights field. (We watched it in person, and we’re not saying that lightly!)

It’s called Moon Orbit Communications. How could it possibly be boring?

OK, so it’s not exactly as exciting as Top Gear (and takes about five minutes just to begin talking about the future), but this 1940 General Motors film focuses more on technology and infrastructure, even dropping in this doozy of a line, “On all express city thoroughfares, the rights of way have been so rooted as to displace outmoded business sections and undesirable slums where ever possible”.

On the left, future cars that were actually built—including some of our favorites, the Davis Divan and TASCO sports car by Gordon Buehrig. On the right, a futuristic car that was actually built, the Pulse. (We even know someone who drives his regularly!)

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Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

For me the most disconcerting aspect about all of these videos with the sole exception of AT&T’s proclamation of the coming digital age is how wrong they all were when it came to predicting the future . Nary a mid engined Mercedes performance [ or race ] diesel or Wankel to be seen in the Mercedes Benz line up despite all the C111’s accomplishments – Highways and Interstates in fact creating slums , shanty towns and industrial zones not to mention destroying small town America etc .

Yeah .. like the song says ; ” The futures so bright I gotta wear shades ” More like rose colored glasses if you ask me .

But errr … ahem ; ref ; Williams comment . Have we already forgotten William’s 1992 and 1993 F1 seasons ?

Regardless though … great post and video selection .

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