Travel: Vintage German Maps Provide Something Your Smartphone Can't

Vintage German Maps Provide Something Your Smartphone Can’t

By Petrolicious Productions
March 19, 2014

Smartphones are great for messaging friends around the world no matter your location. Additionally, if you’re driving and your classic car breaks down, you can call for tow service. And finally, you’re never lost because of the innumerable map apps designed to cater to an endlessly broad variety of needs and individuals. But if you’re hitting the autobahn or local strasse in your vintage auto this weekend, why not do it like Petrolicious? Bring along some classic, paper maps.

If you’re planning a road trip across Germany we suggest buying some old maps and using them rather than listening to Siri. If you’re worried that the roads may have changed, you can always double-check the route against your smartphone after all.

Besides boasting beautiful artwork they’ll give you a chance to plan your own route rather than relying on efficiency algorithms to dictate the best path. Furthermore, you can search for the twistiest roads, which are almost certainly more fun than the straight quick route Google will plot. And if you get lost? Well, getting lost is part of the fun and adventure. It’s how we discover new vistas, favorite restaurants, and attractions.

To find some paper German road maps, start your search here.

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Susan Arnold
Susan Arnold
2 years ago

Well, these vintage german maps are really amazing. Well, I am thinking about making an app for it, I also take help to me learn how to make an app without coding. After learning it properly I will definitely make an app on it.

Tim B
Tim B
10 years ago

Have to agree with you here. Having lived in Germany for three years, I can verify that a good Atlas (if you don’t feel like hunting for old vintage maps) is all you need. A good sense of direction helps, too, as they don’t label the autobahn with “west” or “north” as often as ours do. Instead they often will list cities instead of cardinal directions, so if you know where that city is in relation to your desired direction of travel, you’re set!

Emanuel Costa
Emanuel Costa
10 years ago

Well, since the maps are all from Germany, some cities are ‘dangerous’ to travel with one of this maps, because of World War II. I went to Dresden once, and the city was torn to pieces during the war, so maybe these maps can’t help much…

As for the idea that getting lost is sometimes the best ‘route’, I totally agree!!! (If not, I wouldn’t know that Oakdale, in California, is the ‘Cowboy capital of the world’ :)!)

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