Market Finds: This 993 Porsche Turbo Prototype Is As Rare As They Come

This 993 Porsche Turbo Prototype Is As Rare As They Come

By News Desk
March 29, 2019

The 993 Turbo was an extremely important car to get right for Porsche. Working with a limited development budget they had to produce a range-topping model that could still trace its roots back to the very first 911s. Despite these obstacles, they released a model that not only moved the game on significantly from its predecessor but outperformed just about anything in its class too. To achieve this Porsche drew heavily on its motorsport experience and the lessons it had learned when developing its 959 supercar a decade earlier. The black example you see here is one of the first prototypes used by Porsche to test various components before the 993 Turbo was released and it may well be the only one left in existence.

The chassis number on this car identifies it as the third R-Program type 993 chassis to be constructed by Porsche and it was taken off the production line in 1994 prior to its engine and transmission having been fitted. It was then sent off to the R&D team at Weissach where components such as experimental wide fender flares and special nose and rear-deck spoilers were tested. Now normally this is where this particular car’s life would have ended; Porsche prototypes tend to be destroyed once model development is complete. Instead it ended up being sold through a Porsche dealer, but still without its engine and gearbox.

As soon as the 993 Turbo was officially introduced Porsche sent the remaining running gear to the dealer and the prototype 993 was readied for the road. It has since remained in single private ownership during which it racked up 72,336 km (45,210 miles) on its odometer. Finished in a Schwartz exterior color with contrasting red leather interior, notable features on this ultra-rare 993 Turbo include the rear seat delete option, electric front seats and the original Blaupunkt Symphony radio. It will feature at RM Sotheby’s Techno Classica Essen, Germany, auction to be held on 11-12 April, and is estimated to sell for between $331,000 and $443,000.

Images courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

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Amir Kakhsaz
Amir Kakhsaz
5 years ago

The lower front lip is pretty obvious, but the rear wing is also subtly different from the standard production piece. It does not have the upswept sections on the sides and instead follows a similar profile as that of the Carrera RS, but with space for the intercooler.

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