Featured: This Beloved SoCal Vintage Porsche Workshop Burned Down, Here's What You Can Do To Help

This Beloved SoCal Vintage Porsche Workshop Burned Down, Here’s What You Can Do To Help

By Petrolicious Productions
November 19, 2019

After nearly 40 years of service in the Los Angeles area, John Benton of Benton Performance has emerged as the guru for all things Porsche 912s. We shared his story back in 2016, and were heartbroken to hear that his shop fell victim to fire a few weeks ago. Luckily nobody was on site or harmed, but these workshops are little treasure troves and it’s said they lost over $3 million in irreplaceable cars, matching-number drivetrains, tools, Porsche memorabilia, and personal items.

Without shops like Benton Performance, enjoying classic cars just wouldn’t be possible. We’d like to share John’s gofundme page in case any one in the Petrolicious audience is interesting in chipping in to help them get back in action.

Link to Benton Performance gofundme

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4 years ago

Great photo . My colleague from Francisco also takes great pictures of cars! All success and prosperity in this profession. You can check them here

4 years ago

Get back soon on your feet Porsche family!

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