Featured: This BMW 2002 S14 EVO Swap Is The Perfect Sleeper

This BMW 2002 S14 EVO Swap Is The Perfect Sleeper

By Ted Gushue
December 19, 2016

Photography by Ted Gushue

Our pals over at Stance Works profiled the cars of Jeff Tighe earlier this year, and when I read about his commitment to craftsmanship it stuck with me. I had it in the back of my mind to keep an eye out for the cars he’s worked on (a tough feat considering they all look bone stock from the highway) until my pal Leo from CNCPics put me in touch with the new owner, Shawn Nekouei. He and I met up earlier this month for a little canyon carving and a quick chat.

Ted Gushue: Start at the beginning. What’s going on with this thing?

Shawn Nekouei: For me, I just always loved 2002’s and I loved E30 M3s. My neighbor’s dad had a big ranch and he had one and he’d always take us out for drives and rides. I just love both those cars. When I heard about this car I was actually looking for a 3.0CSL and heard about a 2002 with a S14 in it done by Jeff Teague. I was sold right there.

TG: What’s been done to the engine?

SN: Essentially it’s the Sport Evolution Spec. It actually has factory sport Evo cams in it. Those are pretty rare. It hasn’t been dynoed yet. I was going to do it once I put a new diff in it. A sportier diff. The EVO engines put out around 240 or so, so I’m guessing right around there. Which is a lot for a two thousand pound car.

TG: Walk me through the rest of the build.

SN: Full suspension, Bilstein shocks, sway bars, new front discs, and the rears are actually still the rotors it’s tough to fit in those steelies. I’ve got old steelies for the hub caps.

TG: Do you ever want to take the hub caps off and go for the stealth steely look?

SN: Yes. I was thinking about it. I really like the sleeper though because you don’t see a lot like that.

TG: Is there anything that gives the car away as being more than stock?

SN: No. Nothing. Actually below my other licence plate is the original black Californian plate from the original car. It’s only had two owners. That’ll get reactivated soon. Nothing gives it away, it’s not too loud. It has exhausts from a 2002 turbo so It’s not too loud. I wouldn’t mind it being a little bit louder and raspier. All in all it’s just a perfect little car.

Editor’s Note: You can keep in touch with Shawn as he completes tiny tweaks on the car on Instagram @M2EVO

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Valarie Everett
Valarie Everett
3 months ago

Those are pretty rare. It hasn’t been dynoed yet. I was going to do it once I put a new diff in it. – foundation professionals

Brian Benefield
Brian Benefield
5 years ago

What a beautiful car. I absolutely love everything about it. Bring on the sleepers!

Stoil Michaylov
Stoil Michaylov
5 years ago

I own a 2002tii with an M44 engine swap. Not as desirable as this one but it is an amazing car to drive

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
5 years ago

Yes indeed, I looove this!

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
5 years ago

Sweeeeeeeeeet !!!! Truly . They aint nuthin better than a serious ‘ Sleeper ‘ resto-mod ! Tasty to a tee !