Featured: This Dream House In Bangkok Is Built Around The Garage

This Dream House In Bangkok Is Built Around The Garage

Ted Gushue By Ted Gushue
October 4, 2016

Photography by Tenn

When Tenn Xoomsai Na Ayudhya went to renovate his house in central Bangkok, he did exactly what we’ve all dreamt of doing: he brought the garage indoors. I had the pleasure of tearing around Thailand for a few days with him in his batmobile RWB, sadly I never got to see this place in person as it was heavily under construction. Clearly we kept in touch, and just this week he dropped a handsome folder of shots in his newly-finished home.

The only thing missing? His Alfa Romeo, which will be making a return shortly. Here’s what Tenn, aka @tennster, had to say about his space.

Ted Gushue: What motivated you to make your living space revolve around your car collection?

Tenn Xoomsai Na Ayudhya: Cars are my inspiration for everything I do, whether it is my work, my hobby, or my personal life. I wanted it to be the centerpiece of the house so that I can constantly study and be inspired by them, even if I’m not driving that day. I worked very closely with the architect Korn Thongtour, whose firm is called BHX Architects. We chose to design it around a lift that takes the car to the second floor. This allows me to switch the car every few days, completely transforming the look, feel and mood of my house. It’s amazing how much a different color, make, and model can change the emotion in the space.

TG: How long were you working on this project?

Tenn: It took about 1.5 years from start to finish, including a full renovation of the house that’s attached to it. Every inch of my home was updated with the central focus on the car.

TG: Are your friends insanely jealous?

Tenn: Of course not, they love it! My friends and I share so much of our automotive passion, we each have our own spaces that are like shrines to all things 4 wheeled. We each take turns enjoying each other’s homes.

Read about Tenn’s friends and the Bangkok classic car and Porsche community here and @GTPorscheThailand. Follow his automotive life on Instagram @Tennster.

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Jonathan Bridgette

love the houndstooth chair cushion!

Bastien Tardif
Bastien Tardif

Dream house, 930, 911 of 70s, 993 RWB, i hope there is a 964 somewhere !

George Gountzas

Actually the RWB car is a 964 not a 993

Sifu Alex
Sifu Alex

His priorities are well intact! 🙂

Simon Moore
Simon Moore

Makes me sorely miss my 68 SWB that I sold 6 months ago. Great read, great photos ?


So cool and so clean, well done !!

Brian Cohen
Brian Cohen


Michel Blankevoort
Michel Blankevoort

nice and I like the idea but it is either to small or my collection is to big. xD
Would have placed the mini as centerpiece 😉

Joshua Seidenberg
Joshua Seidenberg

Are there rooms for rent? 😉

Christian Bouchez
Christian Bouchez

What an amazing place