Market Finds: This French Auction Is Filled With Aeronautical Treasures

This French Auction Is Filled With Aeronautical Treasures

By Michael Banovsky
March 29, 2016

I was browsing Artcurial’s upcoming auction schedule and noticed one called, simply, “AERONAUTICS”. With complete disregard to my financial future, I started scrolling through the offerings, and to be honest, didn’t really know where to start. There are lots that feature models, original documents, furniture…gauges from a Douglas DC-10…a helicopter…

Did I mention my newfound attraction to classic runway lights, er, lampe de piste? Anyway, here’s a small selection of lots in advance of the April 10 sale, to be held in Paris—online bidding is allowed, in case you’re not able to jet-set into the Artcurial auction room.

First up, two attractive vintage posters; Lot 32 is a Géo Ham-illustrated promotional poster c.1930. Lot 33 is a very rare promotional poster by H.Chauffard for Caudron Renault, with a linen back. It’s expected to fetch between 3,500–5,000€; the Géo Ham 1,400–1,800€.

At the top of my personal wish list is this artfully-constructed 6–9,000€ desk, made from a panel from an F-4 Phantom II fighter jet.

Need furniture? How about a home bar made from a Pratt & Whitney JT8D turbofan engine, or a glass table made from the remains of the ever-intriguing Renault-S.N.E.C.M.A. 12T engine…

If your foyer needs an accent piece, this Mirage fighter jet nosecone was painted by artists Xare & Banga; something more to my taste is the only mirror you’ll ever need: one built into the engine shroud from a Boeing 727.

The models on offer are numerous, and well-represented—chances are something will catch your eye, whether as a more classically hand-formed tabletop accent piece, or an item crafted from cutting-edge carbon fibre.

This helicopter is a restoration candidate, though it’s said to be in great condition—and just waiting for a Hillier UH 12 A enthusiast to take it away and get it flying again. Offered from long-term storage, its estimate seems reasonable at between 10-15,000€, though I can’t speak to how much parts are or mechanics charge for such a project.

Still, with a camera-friendly open-air cockpit, maybe Petrolicious should graduate from drones to vintage helicopters…

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Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay
8 years ago

Michael, source a panel and I’ll make you a table.
Not much there, really.

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