Reader Submissions: This Is An Austin Mini That Will Shake You To Bits

This Is An Austin Mini That Will Shake You To Bits

By Petrolicious Productions
March 8, 2016

Photos by James Mocroft

James Mocroft is an Austin Mini owner with a need for speed. As soon as pictures of his car hit our inbox, we’ve been enthralled with his take on a humble 1989 Austin Mini. His first car was a Mini, and as he writes, “When I was looking for a project, it seemed like the sensible choice!” This “project” is far from a simple restoration and upgrade, however.

“I started with a new bodyshell,” he says. “I’d end up modifying brand new parts because they just weren’t good enough. I’m an engineer, so I’ve been able to utilize skills I’ve learned making parts for the car, as well as learning new ones working on it. I’ve made some of my own carbon fibre parts for it, as well as designed and made 3D printed bits for it, too.”

The result is described as a road legal “full-on” race car, that shakes its passengers to bits, makes their ears ring, and gives their clothes the smell of gasoline.

“It’s so raw but so much fun,” he says. “Corners or traffic islands are amazing, its LSD is just mega. I race it at Shelsley Walsh hill climb. You can feel the history in the place, being part of it is so special.”

We can’t wait to see what Mocroft’s next project looks like.

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Brian Grant
Brian Grant
7 years ago

Fantastic, but I would prefer it on 10’s.

Lou Brooks
Lou Brooks
8 years ago

see this car grow from a bare shell to the animal it is now, top work mate

Martin Philippo
Martin Philippo
8 years ago

Only one word comes to mind: wicked!

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