Journal: This Is What A Brand New E-Type Lightweight Looks Like On The Road

This Is What A Brand New E-Type Lightweight Looks Like On The Road

By Petrolicious Productions
May 11, 2016

Photography by Nigel Harniman

It’s cause for celebration when an automaker celebrates its heritage—let alone continues it more than 50 years in the future. In the ’60s, Jaguar planned a limited run of 18 ‘Lightweight’ E-Type sports cars, but only completed 12. You guessed it: this is one of the “new” ones.

Photographer Nigel Harniman recently had the opportunity to photograph one of what Jaguar itself calls “The Missing Six”, and the results are nothing short of breathtaking. UK dealer Stratstone are the stewards of this car, the third to be completed, and bought the car in order to share this chapter in motoring history whenever possible—its website even boldly states: “…this is not a car that is destined to sit static like a museum exhibit, lying beneath a dust-sheet, only to be admired on rare occasions. Both the original Lightweight E-Types, and the modern ‘missing six’ are cars that were designed to be raced, and we’ll be living up to that heritage”.

Of course, we agree wholeheartedly and look forward to seeing what adventures Lightweight #15 gets up to in the future.

H/T to Harniman Photography / @harnimanphoto and Stratstone

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Donald Akpeh
Donald Akpeh
11 months ago

Nice, looks like one of those cars in Extreme Car Driving Simulator.

Nick Biangel
Nick Biangel
5 years ago

The E Type never goes out of style. The design of that automobile is timeless.

Peter J Smith
Peter J Smith
5 years ago

I love those air intakes built in to the radiator. Simply gorgeous car. It’s a Jag, so, it’ll be broken down more than it’s running, but, at least it’ll look amazing in your garage!

B Bop
B Bop
7 years ago

What a stunning car ! Cant stop looking at the pics. I believe that is Katarina Kyvalova behind the wheel. Saw her at the 74th Goodwood Members Meeting in her Cooper Jaguar and her FH E-Type. Just love her spirit. Now back to the Lightweight E-Type …