Journal: This Is What Rallying In The ’60s Looked Like

This Is What Rallying In The ’60s Looked Like

By Michael Banovsky
November 25, 2015

No turbos, no wings, all-wheel-drive, homologation specials, or massive manufacturer-supported entries. Perfect.

This was rallying in the ’60s, the last decade of rally competition where most of the vehicles were pretty much stock—to win, competitors needed to be driving a car with great “bones”. It’s when Volvo, Saab, Mini, Citroën, Alpine, and others made their name on rough roads in remote locations. 

When viewed today, all looks quite relaxed, doesn’t it?

To begin the decade, just look at how, well, stock all of the cars looked! Set aside 15 minutes for this great documentary.

Just look at the title: “Driving Tips With Paddy Hopkirk”. How can it not be amazing?

One of the highlights of the year is the UK-based round of the World Rally Championship. In 1964, you’d be attending the R.A.C. Rally.

This German documentary is on the Liége-Sofia-Liége rally, and depicts sports cars of the time navigating the tricky course, with special attention paid to Mercedes-Benz SLs modified for long-distance rally. Next is a short documentary about Ewy Rosqvist and her win at the “VI Gran Premio Internacional Standard Supermovil YPF”.

These two clips from British Pathé may lack sound, but they’re both still incredible to watch. 

This is an very watchable film from Ford about the 1969 East African Safari Rally and its winning car, the Ford 20MRS. 

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Francisco Costa P
Francisco Costa P
7 years ago

I have found the sound of that Monte Carlo 1965 film and edited it together with the footage, I’ll share it with you later if you are interested.

Maxime Veilleux
Maxime Veilleux
8 years ago

I never get tired of seeing Mini rallying, They just fit so much together.

Archil Bzhalava Jr.
Archil Bzhalava Jr.
8 years ago

Absolutely, I love it too!

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