Reader Submissions: This Long Hood Porsche 911 Is Aggressively Prowling Munich's Streets

This Long Hood Porsche 911 Is Aggressively Prowling Munich’s Streets

By Michael Banovsky
August 15, 2016

Photography by Alp Tigli

A few months ago, a Porsche 911-driving man by the name of Philip Hoffman got in touch with us—something not really out of the ordinary. He mentioned his car was undergoing a restoration (another normal thing), but the difference here is the result: a 911 ST recreation largely built and customized by its owner.

Cars aren’t Hoffman’s day job, but he certainly did his research: all removable body parts are carbon fibre, the warmed-over flat-6 engine is from a later 964, and the car itself—originally from Colorado—had been fully restored in anticipation of its huge upgrade.

Inside, handmade door cards were constructed using vintage leather from Milan, Italy, it sports a wooden shift knob, and the dashboard was made by Hoffman himself. He mentioned to us that his other passion besides cars is wood, which is probably why the piece constructed for the car looks (and fits) so perfectly.

What does the future hold for this recently-restored marvel? He’s in his mid-30s now, so chances are Hoffman has a few more decades of enjoyment to wring out of his beautiful 911…as it should be.

You can follow more of Alp Tigli’s work on Instagram or at his Tumblr page.

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7 years ago

What company is doing the build?

7 years ago

Wow! That’s great!

7 years ago

This car is way too cool !!!!