News: This Luxury Watercraft Was Inspired By The Porsche 356

This Luxury Watercraft Was Inspired By The Porsche 356

By News Desk
June 22, 2020

Seven Seas Yachts is well known for making some of the most luxurious custom yachts for the world’s ‘one percenters’. But its latest creation is decidedly smaller, yet no less opulent, and gets its inspiration from the lines of a classic Porsche.

As you’d expect, the Hermes Speedster is no fishing boat for the bayou; it’s more at home on Lake Como, jetting between giant villa and lakeside restaurant. Reminiscent of the gentleman-style runabouts of the 1930s, it takes part of its name from the Greek messenger of the Gods, who also happened to be the God of speed, wealth, luck and travel.

But the ‘Speedster’ moniker points to the Porsche 356, which was the muse for many of the lines and details on this 6.75-metre-long boat. And you can see its inspiration in the curves of the hull and the wraparound windscreen. In the cockpit, classic round gauges in a shrouded dashboard sit behind a polished steel and wooden steering wheel. Even the ‘Speedster’ emblems could have been lifted right from the car. Of course, fine leather covers the entire seating area.

The Hermes Speedster is powered by a 155hp Rotax engine, and the company says its innovative hull offers very little drag and a softer ride over the waves. Regardless of performance, it’s every bit as beautiful as a Porsche 356 and an instant classic for the water.

*Images courtesy of Seven Seas Yachts Ltd

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