News: This MGB GT V8 SEC Is A Forgotten Piece Of British Motoring

This MGB GT V8 SEC Is A Forgotten Piece Of British Motoring

By News Desk
May 21, 2020

Built between 1965 and 1980, the MGB GT is a cheap and cheerful classic coupe, albeit one that’s often overshadowed by its soft-top MGB sibling. They’re not exactly rare either, and finding one in decent shape for a relative pittance is hardly the biggest challenge for classic car enthusiasts.

And then there’s this 1981 MG MGB GT V8 SEC.

When British Leyland ended production of the MGB in 1980, the MG Owners’ Club had other ideas. It asked Mallalieu Cars and its successor Abingdon Classic Cars to take five of the remaining unsold MGBs, and make them ‘a little more special’. Mallalieu, which employed many former MG workers, thus set about upgrading the interior with high-spec leather, walnut and extra sound insulation, adding corrosion protection and upmarket paint to the body, restoring the rubber bumpers to chrome and a host of other improvements. But it was under the hoods of these cars that was really special.

Of the five built, three had a 1.8-litre turbocharged four cylinder, while one Roadster and one GT – the one you see here – were fitted with a Rover 3.5-litre V8 engine and five-speed gearbox. Today, only two of these five cars survive, the other being a turbo Roadster located in Belgium.

This particular SEC – as in ‘Special Edition Classic’ – reads 56,846 miles on the odometer (around 91,500km) and is in amazingly unrestored, original condition, with just a few small blemishes in its black paint. The interior also shows little sign of wear, while the brake system was completely rebuilt when the vendor bought it three years ago. It also comes with a sheaf of historic paperwork, including a British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certificate.

The problem with the SEC vehicles at the time was their prohibitive cost: the added work more than doubled the original price of the donor cars, so today, this SEC is estimated between £28,000 and £40,000 ($35,000 to $50,000 USD).

*Images courtesy of The Market

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Arec Johnson
Arec Johnson

Yeah MGB GT V8 SEC is really a cheap vehicle and very rare to find it. I love to buy old products just for my research purposes. And also I’ve reviews many old products like this MGB GT V8 SEC on my website. Keep sharing these informational posts with us. Thanks,


Trying to make out that this is special seems a little didingenuous. There may only have been 5, but that was because no-one wanted to buy a converted rubber-bumper MGB GT in 1981. Even less one which had been customised by a relatively unknown company like Mallalieu (who made Derby Bentley specials). Factor in the high price and you have sales dog.

This is a curiosity at best, a bitsa with no real provenance at worst. Pay less and buy a good factory build MGB GTV8.

Amelia Belli
Amelia Belli

Wow, MGB GT V8 SEC is my favourite vehicle that’s why I always love to play car game while travelling.

Peter J Smith
Peter J Smith

How to make an MGB LESS reliable: put a Rover V8 in it.

Willem de Jonge
Willem de Jonge

Remember Oselli was doing a V8-conversion before MG started. They were not always supplied with parts, BMC wanted to produce the car themselves.
Ginetta also used MG doors for their G10 model, until BMC stopped supplying them.