Journal: This New ‘Landspeeder' BMW Is 150 MPH Of Motorcycle Art

This New ‘Landspeeder’ BMW Is 150 MPH Of Motorcycle Art

By Michael Banovsky
February 5, 2016

Update Feb 11/2016: Revival Cycles reached out to say the motorcycle’s one and only public appearance will be at the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show this April—plan to be in Austin, Texas!


Wow. Just look at it.

If you’re up on your motorcycle history, you’ll recognize its shape from Ernst Henne’s “Landspeeder” BMW, a bike that in supercharged form topped 160 mph by the mid-’30s. Revival Cycles’ recreation was triggered by a customer who wanted a motorcycle, as Bike EXIF says, to be a static display as part of a large collection.

Revival chose Henne’s insanely fast and hand-developed machine as inspiration, but went far beyond the requirements in making a “static” bike. From the start, the team demanded that it had to be a fully-functioning motorcycle, if only until delivery.

It’s slightly longer than Henne’s bike, with its engine mounted lower in the frame; its high-speed stability should be good, and the team’s target of 150 mph sounds reasonable. The flat-cut steel frame is both stronger and heavier than more traditional tubing, and allowed for some seriously sensuous curves.

From its reengineering of a trailing link suspension to its adjustable shocks, from its unique hand shifter to its custom wheels, it’s a wholly original design—albeit in somewhat traditional-looking garb. The ever-awesome Bike EXIF has the full scoop on this motorcycle, with the promise of more from Revival Cycles: they’re building a second one, only this time it’ll be supercharged.

H/T to BikeEXIF

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Stephan P
Stephan P
8 years ago

Good thing it’s for display only. You need a lot of stopping room from 150 with no front brake

Shawn Bokaie
Shawn Bokaie
8 years ago

Not a big bike guy but this is beautiful!

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

PS ; Tech guys . I’ve been having difficulty posting lately . Needing to reload the page again and cut & pasting my post on the reload in order to post .

Y’all trying to tell me something or is it just the Digital Gremlins once again hard at work .

FYI if this helps …. Mac …OSX 10 El Capitan ..

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
8 years ago

Ahh .. this little creature . Saw this on BxF previously . Its …. interesting ….. but its for display only and Im not much of a fan of two or four wheel static so called art [ which is in reality craft ] … s I’m waiting for the racer twin they’re building for themselves .

Here’s hoping with the Landspeeder 2 that

A) They get it right and stuffing serious horsepower into the beast and

B) Then promptly take it to the next Glemseck 101 and show those French [ the SprintBeemer/ Further ] and the Italians [ M2 Cyclone Buell ] what for !

PS; Banovsky .. those two streamliners I mentioned …. y’all might want to do/borrow a feature on them as well seeing as how their both using classic [ dustbin fairings etc ] technology done 21st century as well

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