Featured: This Photographer Shares His View From The Driver's Seat

This Photographer Shares His View From The Driver’s Seat

By Thomas Blum
August 31, 2017

My interest in photography can be credited to my father; as an avid enthusiast, his interest soon became my own. So, I took up the hobby, and like many young men interested in cars, I figured that a combination of the aesthetic values inherent in these machines would be a perfect subject on which to hone my photography skills. Many people share this story though, and I wanted to find a way to shoot cars in a way that wasn’t like every other page in that book.

Above: BMW E46 M3, Ferrari Daytona Spider, Porsche 356

Above: BMW E12 525, Z1

Above: Citroën Ami 6, CX Turbo

The idea to shoot a collection of point-of-view photos was born from this desire, and of course, a good ol’ wide angle lens! Though yes, plenty of people have photographed car interiors before me, I still feel that the inside of cars is not nearly as represented as the exteriors that we all know so well. For instance, I bet most reading this know what a McLaren F1 GTR looks from the outside, but I doubt many have been able to look out the windscreen from that central seating position. I think this perspective can offer a greater emotional connection than just another low-angle quarter view from the front of the car.

In order to get these shots, I simply ask! I regularly attend a car meet near me called the Rassemblement l’Esplanade de Lille, and aside from the great assortment of vehicles that turns up, talking with their owners is my favorite part—everyone, well most everyone, is very kind, very open, and most of all very eager to share. And thanks to their accommodation, I can now share the interiors of these special cars with you!

Above: Ford GT4o replica, Lotus Exige

Above: Mercedes Benz AMG C63, Jaguar F-Type SVR, Porsche Carrera GT

Above: VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Volvo P1800S

Above: Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1300

Above: Mercedes Benz W108, W115

Above: Rolls Royce Corniche, Saab 900 Turbo

Above: Audi R8, Alpine A110

Above: Bizarrinni A3C Corsa

Above: Saab Sonett III, Sterling Nova, Ferrari 308 GTS

Above: Datsun 1600, Ford Mustang Fastback

Above: Mercedes AMG GT3

Above: Mercedes 300SL, Saab 96

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Frederick Sieber
Frederick Sieber

Photography videography is a very interesting things and in this modern time, young ones are choosing this as a carrier. I am also a great fan of photography but fees for such courses are very expensive to do. I need an idea of Kenya film school fees structure. Have you any idea of this?


A Sterling Nova?? That’s a kit car with a VW engine.


People should do whatever makes them happy so not taking away from what this guy is doing – but you’ve got to say, photographic genius is not required here.

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Michel Dupuis
Michel Dupuis

You missed a bit on merc 300 sl … after market wheel instead of beautiful org & retractable ebony !!!

Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss

Would be fun to have a version of the page with brand identifiers obscured so we could try and figure out what you were sitting in.


Best seat in the house.