Journal: This Rugged Royal Enfield Lives A Secret Life In Germany

This Rugged Royal Enfield Lives A Secret Life In Germany

By Petrolicious Productions
June 6, 2016

Imagining the year 1946 is getting more difficult by the minute. A world war had just ended, much of the planet was focused on rebuilding itself, and many families didn’t have two pennies to rub together. Much of the technology we rely on today was in its nascent stages. After hopping on this Royal Enfield, though, its owner is instantly transported back to the ’40s—and one of its better experiences.

Friend of Petrolicious Uwe Fischer had been looking for a long time to find his ideal pre-war ‘Bobber’. Its rigid frame and steel construction may be throwbacks, but its 350-cc engine sports about 20 horsepower courtesy of a thorough going-over (new pistons, valves, polished channels) and the bikes’ ahead-of-its-time DHC valves. Top speed? Approximately 75 mph (120 km/h), Uwe says.

“It was built right after the war in Redditch, England, he said. “It was delivered into Belgium, where I bought it. It has a Kilometer speedometer and is not a war bike. The cool factor is the originality—it does not get washed and the repair work is just when something breaks down.”

Though Uwe may look after the cosmetics of his motorcycle less than most, it’s clear the bike is meticulously maintained and exercised often—exactly as it should be.

Thanks to Uwe Fischer for sending over a selection of photos he took of this bike. Yes, his day job involves being a talented photographer!

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Ted Gushue
7 years ago

Uwe does all the work himself.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
7 years ago

Now that … is tastefully maintained …….[ versus that Beetle Bus recently left in a state of wretchedly embarrassing decay ] ….though a good washing now and again would make it even more tasteful in my never ever humble opinion .

The one critical piece of information missing in the article is : who did the ‘ Bob Job ‘ on this little gem seeing as how that aint how they came outta the factory ? Who ever it was they were obviously paying attention to the trends here in the US when they did .

But err … where’s the ‘ secret life ‘ bit Petrolicious ?

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