Gear: This Small Motorcycle Jacket Company Is Busting Into The Automotive Space

This Small Motorcycle Jacket Company Is Busting Into The Automotive Space

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
February 21, 2017

Images courtesy of Pagnol-Auto

Pagnol is a relatively young brand, but one that’s wasted no time in making a name for itself as a leader in motorcycle gear that blends classic styling into modern clothing design. Having already created a look that works on and off the bike—because neon-striped riding leathers stand out a little too much in the line for lunch—the next challenge was to connect the gap between 2- and 4-wheeled fashion. 

Their newest creation, the Pagnol M1A jacket, takes on this task by offering the flex and comfort of a riding jacket without the unnecessary features geared toward actually being on a motorcycle. The look is still there, the feel is preserved, but everything that isn’t conducive to the driving experience has been stripped away or modified.

The basis of the idea was to take a classic moto jacket and tweak it for a car cabin: mesh-lined sleeves, extra accordions on the back and elbows, more stretch under the arms for reaching to shift gears, things in this vein. It’s livable. You don’t have to contort into it and taking it off after a long drive won’t leave you in the shape of a “C.” It’s still made of cowhide for the classic tough feel and look, but is constructed with thinner aniline leather for more comfort and less heat buildup.

If you share the company’s sentiment that there is a dearth of reasonably-priced driving jackets with rider styling, then this might be your answer. You can find the M1A here, and Pagnol’s moto-oriented products here.

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The musically followers are available for you so that if you need to get the crowns and likes for the musically here you can easily have them online.


This looks like it has potential. No exposed hardware to gouge my patinated leather seat, but disappointed it doesn’t have a flip up collar. to deal with the back-of-the-neck buffeting so common to classic roadsters that have substantial windscreens.

Paulo Rosas
Paulo Rosas

Hi guys, Paulo from Pagnol :), all feedback MUCH appreciated!

Amir Kakhsaz
Amir Kakhsaz

A little busy for my tastes, but nice overall. Price point seems decent as well.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

Agreed ! Replace the ‘ contrast ‘ stitching and make the damn things available for purchase via the phone versus online only and they’d have themselves a genuine winner … as well as a first time customer . Especially at the current ‘ sale ‘ price ‘