Events: A Stunning Set Of Four Rare Ferrari America Models Is Heading To The UK's Salon Privé

A Stunning Set Of Four Rare Ferrari America Models Is Heading To The UK’s Salon Privé

By News Desk
August 27, 2019

Selling luxury sportscars after the end of the Second World War was a business fraught with difficulties unless, of course, you happened to be targeting your products to the thriving US market. Post-war America was booming and Enzo Ferrari saw a lucrative opportunity and created a range of models specifically targeted to this market.

Aptly named ‘America’, these cars were top-end models equipped with unique features not generally offered on their European counterparts and often featuring custom bodywork. Four of these rare and interesting models will be on display at the upcoming Salon Privé Concours taking place between 5-8 September.

The cars on display will be a pair of 1950s 342 Americas, a 1966 500 Superfast and a 1967 365 California Spyder. With just six 342 Americas produced the blue 1952 model is the only one with a body by Carozzeria Vignale and one of just three convertibles. The other, a 1953 model, was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show that same year. Built for rallying, it was fitted with a high performance engine, rally timer and an enlarged fuel tank.

The 1966 500 Superfast was the flagship of the range and just 36 were built between 1964 and 1966. This particular example was the last one built so had the upgraded five-speed manual transmission instead of the earlier four-speed plus overdrive set-up and is one of only two Series 2 right-hand-drive cars. Available solely with a coupe body style, the 500 Superfast had a unique 5.0-liter Colombo V12 pushing out a reputed 395hp giving the sportscar a top speed of 174mph.

The 1967 365 California Spyder was the last in Enzo’s line of ‘America’ models and featured the same chassis as the earlier 500 Superfast but was intended to be even more of a grand tourer with a cabriolet body created by Pininfarina and a 315hp 4.4-liter V12 in its nose. Once again they were built in very limited numbers; just 14 365 California Spyders were eventually made, so it is a good thing that these rare America models will be on display at Salon Privé this year for visitors to admire at their leisure.

Images courtesy of Salon Privé

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4 years ago

I came very close to buying a 1966 Superfast from Charlie Hays’ Salon Ferrari here in California back in 1973. It was for sale for $17k.

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