Journal: Today, You Can Help A Fellow Enthusiast

Today, You Can Help A Fellow Enthusiast

By Petrolicious Productions
April 4, 2016

There will be no hyperbole, because we’re going to start at the heart of the matter: friend of Petrolicious Jon Warshawsky and his partner were in a horrible crash last week.

Early reports state that through no fault of their own, the crash killed his partner and left Jon in critical condition. We wish to respect the privacy of all involved, and so would simply like to direct you to a Gofundme page. There are more details at the fundraising website, where you can send a nominal donation to help assist with his recovery.

If you’d like to make a contribution, head to

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Stephen Jors
Stephen Jors(@hurt356)
5 years ago

Saddened when I first saw the news as a member of the 356 community, even sadder to realize how close to home it hit. Three days later I learned Jon’s passenger was neighbor of mine, Amanda Walzer. She also has a GoFundMe page up to support her two young boys in her absence. If you can support their cause please do.

Peter Lukáč
Peter Lukáč(@peterluk)
5 years ago

Ah, that´s sad… 🙁

Manu Campa
Manu Campa(@manu-campa)
5 years ago

SO so sad. Saw the news in a car page all the way here in Spain and couldnt believe it.
Hope the best for him and his family.

Pedro Macedo
Pedro Macedo(@linkerman)
5 years ago

My prayers are with them and their families.

I’ll try to help out as soon as i can, money’s a little tight right now.

Robb Williamson
Robb Williamson(@robb)
5 years ago

Thank you for caring so much about a fellow friend. Lot of good times, great stories, and similar passions for beautiful things in life. We are all in his corner.

Amir Kakhsaz
Amir Kakhsaz(@zamirz)
5 years ago

I saw this on fchat last week when the news first came out. This is probably the most tragic thing I’ve ever heard of happening to any car-guy.

On a happier, it’s nice to see “us” all rally together to help Jon out.