Gear: Treat Your Walls And Coffee Tables To Some Porsche Posters And Photo Books

Treat Your Walls And Coffee Tables To Some Porsche Posters And Photo Books

By Petrolicious Productions
July 18, 2019

Today we’ve added some new Porsche print and poster content to the Petrolicious Shop with a new artwork series from Car Bone, and the full line (so far, as you can tell from the “P-O-R-S” spelled out when the spines are lined up) of photographer and storyteller Bart Kuykens’ A Flat 6 Love Affair book series.

The posters from Car Bone are done by Pawel Kalinowski and are based on Bart’s own 1970 911, each of the three making for a good pairing with the beautiful black and white coffee table books Bart’s compiled on other owners and their 911s the world over. Each book is limited to a tidy 911 copies, each numbered and signed by Bart, and the set of four is available at a discount, alongside the option to buy each individually. You can read more about the author-photographer and his story in our interview with him from last year.

Poster #1 (Click here to order)

Poster #2 (Click here to order)

Poster #3 (Click here to order)

A Flat Six Love Affair Vol. 1 (Click here to order)

“Sultry and sexy, mean and moody, this is automotive photo porn at its best: Bart’s eye for a stylish shot has captured the characters and the cars absolutely, and his black-and-white subjects brim with charisma and innuendo in mysterious and enigmatic locations, featuring classic 911s festooned with inner meaning, their keepers and models effecting surly postures, contriving fantastic atmosphere and ambiance. It’s the gothic Porsche photo album par excellence.” – Johnny Tipler

A Flat Six Love Affair Vol. 2 (Click here to order)

“‘Clatch,’ the distinctive click of the latch. Its door closing everything behind you, awakening mischievousness, confirming the intimate bond you share with the machine and its myth. The photos in this book tell an unspoken story, one that has been captured with great authenticity. The relationship with an old Porsche is an overwhelming connection; full of drive, lust and desire. Bart has been able to accurately transform this connection through the lens of his camera, onto the pages of this book. Establishing him as the true storyteller, between an individual and their love for a Porsche.” – Matt Hummel

A Flat Six Love Affair Vol. 3 (Click here to order)

“Heroes. I’ve had a few. People I’ve looked up to, wondered at their achievement. I feel an affinity with the folks in this book, all heroes in a way, united by a shared compulsion. None more so than Hans Mezger and Norbert Singer. Having touched their orbit, I know these extraordinary gentleman live up to their towering reputations with humility and immense charm. Whoever said you should never meet your heroes was wrong. Bart has captured everyone in this book beautifully and evocatively – all of them touched by the fascination for a collective idol – the Porsche.” – Rob Dickinson

A Flat Six Love Affair Vol. 4 (Click here to order)

“As a member of the Porsche family, I am particularly pleased that so many interesting people have a passion for Porsche cars. In this book both the people and their cars are shown in a very special way. I still like the monochrome tone of Bart’s pictures because the contrasts, shapes and lines have a much stronger effect here and you can really “feel” the situation when looking at it. It’s also nice to be a part of this artwork myself.” – Hans-Peter Porsche

Click here for the complete four-book set of A Flat Six Love ordering information (note: not eligible for Petrolicious Member discount)

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