Journal: Tucker Model 48 Sells For Nearly $1-Million And Benefits A Worthy Cause In The Process

Tucker Model 48 Sells For Nearly $1-Million And Benefits A Worthy Cause In The Process

By News Desk
September 10, 2019

The Tucker Model 48 is a fascinating American classic that, due to a number of factors ranging from serious technical issues to meddling politicians, never quite managed to revolutionize the world in the way that its creator, Preston Tucker had envisaged. Still, its innovative safety and technological features were truly well ahead of their time, and the estimated 50 cars that were built before the company’s demise have since become sought-after collectors’ items.

This particular 1948 Tucker Model 48 Sedan may not have had a lasting effect on the motoring world but its recent sale at Worldwide Auctioneers 12th annual Auburn Auction will definitely make a difference in the field of cancer research. Preston Tucker himself died of cancer in 1956 so the sale of this model in some way pays homage to its creator.

John Kruse, principal and auctioneer elaborates, “The owner of this extraordinary historic automobile made the decision to donate it to Mayo Clinic in honor of his late wife and it was our absolute honor to be entrusted with its sale. We thank everyone who shared in this incredible act of philanthropy and congratulate its new owner on joining the ranks of limited and prestigious Tucker custodianship.”

The Tucker sold was chassis 1052 and was the original test chassis for the Tucker Automatic transmission. It was restored by Classic & Exotic Service and according to Worldwide has won multiple Concours d’Elegance awards over the years.

It was the highest-selling car at the auction with a final sale price of $ 990,000, while this 1955 Quin Epperly “Fuel Injection Special” Indianapolis 500 Streamliner sold for $385,000. Its aerodynamic design was created by legendary Indy car builder Quin Epperly for two-time Indy 500 Winner Bill Vukovich and is powered by an Offenhauser twin OHC fuel-injected engine, a very rare setup for the day.

Sadly, due to the tragic death of Vukovich in the 1955 Indy 500 at the wheel of another car, the Streamliner was stored and never raced, but is today eligible for a number of historic events. The full list of cars sold at the Auburn auction is available on Worldwide Auctioneer website.

Images courtesy of Worldwide Auctioneers

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