Gear: TUDOR Heritage Ranger Nods to the Past while Looking Forward

TUDOR Heritage Ranger Nods to the Past while Looking Forward

By Petrolicious Productions
June 30, 2014

A historic model, also named Ranger, produced in the late 1960s, inspired the modern-day TUDOR Heritage Ranger. This new model represents the unique creative process developed by TUDOR to highlight its history in 2010 with the launch of its Heritage Chrono. But it’s definitely not simply a re-edition. The Heritage Ranger is a reinterpretation of the past, taking into account modern tastes and sophistication. The nuances that led to historic models’ renown are preserved while the iconic spirit is revived with modern touches.

Through this approach, respecting the past while considering the present and future, is how TUDOR’s Style Workshop has endowed the Heritage Ranger with ageless strength.

The TUDOR Heritage Ranger brings the triumphs of the last century into the present. A distillate of bravery and heroism it offers modernity a window on the legendary world of a bygone era through its construction and history. Imbued with the intrepid spirit of the frozen north and the exploits of unheard-of adventurers defying their icy, barren environment to explore new frontiers, at every instant.

Measuring 41 mm in diameter, a much more contemporary size than its predecessors, the case of the Heritage Ranger is entirely satin-finished like all steel parts of this new model. The satin finish was selected to express the pure utility and ruggedness of a watch that might have graced a sled-dog musher’s equipment in the far northern Arctic. And the calibre 2824 automatic movement is every bit as dependable as the TUDOR Heritage Ranger itself.

Although the watch is a style icon respectfully nodding to its past, there is still room for personalization. To that end, TUDOR’s Style Workshop has designed four beautifully crafted bracelets. Each bracelet presents its own strong personality as well as its steward’s, and effortlessly blends into its intended environments. First is a bund strap with satin-finished rivets and steel clasp that complement the Heritage Ranger’s finish. It is cut from light-brown leather and evokes the leather straps on past adventurer’s gear bags.

The second is a darker, tobacco-colored leather reminiscent of the leather tie-down straps used on old race cars to secure hoods and trunks. It is also equipped with the TUDOR folding clasp, also in satin- finish. Third, is an adjustable camouflage fabric strap that recalls the expansive forested regions that once covered the globe.

Finally, featuring the same clasp, is a bracelet of machined satin-finished steel. Its distinctive, yet familiar shape is a nod to the bracelets with tube-type attachments used by the brand in the 1950s, a period that witnessed the last major flurry of expeditions to the world’s most remote territories. Like other models in the brand’s Heritage line, each TUDOR Heritage Ranger includes a fabric strap as well as a second bracelet that may be chosen from among the three other available options.

To check out the Heritage Ranger, click here

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7 years ago

I congratulate you guys on finding a tasteful way to incorporate advertizement in the design of your site… The fact that the watches are actually keeping correct time is super clever …

Chris Macha
Chris Macha(@hbchris)
7 years ago

Looks like the price is a secret, oh wait, I found it on another site, it’s $2900. Guess I won’t be driving tastefully. 🙁

7 years ago
Reply to  Chris Macha

Well, it’s better to have both wealth and taste, but I think there’s something to be said about possessing a good aesthetic and taste – you can’t buy those qualities, ya know!

7 years ago

I find it incredibly awesome that you guys have Tudor as your advertisement.