Journal: Vintage BMW Motorcycle

Vintage BMW Motorcycle

January 16, 2013

One cold January afternoon in the Navigli area of Milan, we came across this well-preserved WWII BMW R75 motorcycle with its original sidecar.  We arrived just in time to meet the owner and his wife: a charming couple obsessed with all things from the WWII era.  The brave couple had just ridden the Bimmer from outside Milan in the freezing cold to visit the city for the afternoon.  They also own a Zundapp from the same era.  

Interesting trivia: during the war, the Nazi state required  BMW and Zundapp to cooperate and standardize on a common set of parts in order to ensure availability of parts for all motorcycles in service.

What do you think is the most interesting WWII-era vehicle?

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John Abrishamkar
John Abrishamkar
11 years ago

this bike is in an amazing shape… perhaps air-cooled VWs of the era are the most interesting…

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson
11 years ago

That is gorgeous. I think the [url=”″]Mercedes-Benz Parade and Staff cars[/url] are all fascinating (if a bit sinister!).

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